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Zomato relaunched it’s loyalty programme as Zomato Gold

Zomato, a significant player in food delivery, has revamped its loyalty programme, Zomato Gold, to take the place of the Pro Plus membership, which was discontinued in August 2022. Although consumers cannot now access the Zomato Gold membership, it is rumoured that it will be available very soon.

Users can currently only request to be alerted when the membership programme becomes accessible via the app. According to information on the company’s app, users with the Pro Plus membership at the moment will receive a complimentary three-month Zomato Gold membership.

The change occurs a month after it was widely reported that the big foodtech company was updating its loyalty programme in preparation for a quick reintroduction.

The service was introduced by the publicly traded foodtech business for a three-month introductory pricing of INR 149. However, neither the cost nor the availability of an annual subscription have been made public by the company.

The Zomato Gold membership offers users a number of privileges, as stated in the information available on the Zomato app.

First, as long as the order is worth more than INR 199, all food deliveries from restaurants within 10 kilometres will be free for Gold members.

Undoubtedly, Swiggy, the leading rival of the mentioned foodtech, also provides Swiggy One subscribers with a comparable perk: free delivery on orders over INR 199 from eateries within 10 kilometres of the delivery point.

Additionally, Zomato will provide Gold subscribers with a “no delay guarantee,” under which customers will receive an INR 100 discount right away if an order takes longer to arrive than expected.

‘VIP access’ is also available to Gold subscribers during rush hour. In accordance with the “VIP access,” Gold subscribers will have priority over non-members when it comes to accessing crowded restaurants at peak times.

Users of Zomato Gold will also receive additional discounts of up to 30% at more than 20,000 restaurants nationwide in addition to all the delivery advantages. While dining out, Zomato Gold will also provide discounts of up to 40% at 10,000 restaurants.

Zomato recently changed the name of its 10-minute food delivery service to Zomato Instant, making it the most downloaded food delivery app worldwide in 2022.

Based on demand forecasting and hyperlocal preferences, Zomato Instant delivers 20–30 dishes to clients within a two-kilometer radius of Zomato’s finishing stations in roughly 10 minutes.

Over the past few months, the major in foodtech has been having trouble due to the stock market’s bad performance and the recent departures of important executive staff.

In the past two months, the firm has lost co-founder and CTO Gunjan Patidar, co-founder Mohit Gupta, head of new projects Rahul Ganjoo, and vice-president of global expansion Siddharth Jhawar.

Zomato’s shares were trading at INR 52 per share at the close of the market on Tuesday (January 24), up about 2% from the previous close.

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