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Will soft drinks brands make a comeback this summer ?

Bubble and flavors. Sweet and no-sugar. Urban and rural. Pathan and Prem. The showcasing diagrams are set up. The star power has been actioned.

Summer-driven soft drink organizations are rolling the dice after two consecutive washed-out seasons. A lot is on the line. Last-mile distribution lines in a classification that remaining parts under-penetrated are being pushed.

In any case, a few things have changed irreversibly in these two years. Healthier consumption is considerably more sought after – something Covid-19 sped up. Customers are proceeding to look for groceries on the web, despite commercial centers and shopping centers reopening. Also, out-of-home, impulse category consumption isn’t what it used to be.

“Consumer sentiment is now showing an upward trend, and we are geared up to cater to growing demands this summer,” says Arnab Roy, Coca-Cola India & South West Asia vice-president & head – marketing.

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