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Wedding on Google Meet, dinner via Zomato

The Covid-19 pandemic surely changed our lives a lot, forever changing the definition of what seemed to be normal. Considering the safety and health of everyone, many couples are now resorting to ‘wedding from home’ or ‘virtual weddings’. One such couple from West Bengal who are set to tie the knot in West Bengal’s Burdwan district on January 24, have invited 350 guests on Google Meet!
During a conversation with the media, Sandipan Sarkar said, I and Aditi have been thinking of getting married since last year, but Corona is not coming to an end.
28-year-old Sandipan said that the idea of this virtual wedding came to him when he himself was hospitalized for 4 days due to Corona.
According to reports, 100 people will be present in the ceremony at the unique wedding of Sandipan Sarkar, while 350 guests will be able to watch the live telecast through Live Google Meet.
According to Sandipan, the people to whom the invitation will be sent, will be given a link and password of Google Meet a day before the unique wedding.

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