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Weaving success: the dynamic Suchita Oswal Jain with her growth strategy

With more than five decades of presence, Vardhman Group is today among the leading textile conglomerates in the country. Started in 1965, it has evolved over the years into a modern-day textile major under the dynamic leadership of Chairman S.P. Oswal. Vardhman Textiles Ltd., a part of the Vardhman Group, today stands as an epitome of perpetual business growth and rich industry experience.
Suchita Jain, as an only child, regularly visited the company’s factories with her father, absorbing the business, delighting in the splash of colours and textures, and developing a natural passion for the industry. Surely her date with destiny lay right at her feet with the family company. There’s no doubt Suchita Oswal Jain was born with textiles in her blood and a strong instinct for business running through her veins. After all, she’s a third-generation member of the Oswal family, which meant growing up in India with the founders and operators of the Vardhman Group, a leading textile conglomerate boasting a rich history spanning more than 50 years.

“When it comes to achieving my goals, my passion drives me. In my view, success is mutual, development has to be holistic. An organization cannot grow without the contribution of its people; rather it is the human resource which is the harbinger of success”, said Suchita. She further added, “I feel successful when I can inspire other women to aim high and work towards their goals. During the pandemic, being able to contribute and help people gave me a sense of contentment. I think, while achievements provide the necessary momentum, this feeling of being able to give back, blended with those accomplishments is success. Our holistic business model is inclusive of long-term vision, ethical dealings, fair practices, valuing people and resources, and mutually working towards the goals. We, at Vardhman, believe in adapting with agility and executing with excellence. To be the best in the marketplace in each aspect of the supply chain, Vardhman being a vertically integrated organization, we stay put in this never-ending pursuit of excellence.”

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