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Twitter to reportedly charge $11 on iOS for Blue subscription to offset App Store fees

Twitter Blue plan is currently suspended, however when it returns, you will need to pay $11 per month if you subscribe from iOS; if you purchase through the web, the subscription plan will cost $7 per month. But in order to cover Apple’s App Store expenses, it will be more expensive on iOS. Notably, Apple charges developers 30% in fees for the first year of the subscription, but that amount reduces to 15% after that.

On November 9, Twitter introduced a new subscription service that included a verification mark and charged users $7.99 per month. In order to cover App Store fees, Twitter should charge $10.38; yet, the new $11 pricing sounds rounded.

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently launched a tirade against Apple for halting Twitter adverts, accusing them of despising “free speech in America.” The tech juggernaut was also charged by Musk of threatening to “withhold Twitter from its App Store.” However, everything returned to normal after Musk and Cook had a chance encounter while touring the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Apple’s App Store levies haven’t won over the Tesla CEO either. He referred to them as a “secret tax” imposed by the iPhone manufacturer last month. Musk has, however, previously criticised the App Store commission. He supported Epic in its legal dispute with Apple last year and called these charges “a de facto global tax on the internet.” If Twitter were to provide subscriptions on iOS, it would have to follow the App Store’s guidelines, much like many other displeased businesses like Spotify. You can be angry that Apple takes 30% of anything you make on the iPhone, but 30% of $0 is still zero, as my colleague Taylor Hatmaker pointed out in her story from last month. That Blue tick now appears to be more expensive.

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