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Twitter received 1,253 complaints in India and banned 45K+ accounts in July

Between June 26 and July 25, 2022, the social media site Twitter received 1,253 complaints from Indian users via various local grievance redressal procedures. In addition, 138 URLs were penalised by the microblogging platform for violating community standards.

Of the 1,253 complaints, 874 (or 65%) concerned internet harassment. Following this, there were complaints concerning, among other things, impersonation (18), sensitive adult content (31), hateful behaviour (303), and intellectual property infringement (13). For breaking the regulations pertaining to child sexual exploitation, non-consensual nudity, terrorism, and other related content, Twitter also banned over 45,000 accounts.

 About 42,825 of them promoted content involving child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity, while the remaining accounts were penalised for inciting terrorism.

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