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Twitter is making the “For You” algorithmic timeline the default feed on iOS

Twitter has declared that the “For You” algorithmic timeline will become iOS’ default feed.

This choice may sound familiar because the firm previously tried to make similar changes but was met with resistance, ultimately offering its customers the choice to return to a chronological timeline.

The business, this time under the direction of Elon Musk, is updating the timeline feature by enabling the comparison of algorithmic and chronological feeds.

Users may now swipe between the “Latest” and “Home” timelines instead of having to tap on the sparkle icon in the upper right corner of their phone displays to do so in the past.

The new design’s disadvantage is that the algorithmic timeline is the default, which can cause people to use the chronological timeline less frequently.

Users who now rely on pinned lists for alternative timelines will now need to swipe more frequently to switch between them, which is another inconvenience brought on by this change.

After Elon Musk stated that the main timeline should “allow for a simple sideways swipe between the top, latest, trending, and topics that you follow,” this modification was inevitable.

Twitter unveiled a new tool last month that allows you to see how many people have seen your tweets and that more tweets from users you don’t follow are being worked on.

The business stated during the upgrade that the modification was made to encourage the display of only the “best” content to all users.

Twitter isn’t the only network that offers an algorithmic feed as the default option; TikTok and Instagram also use similar strategies.

While TikTok already displays an algorithmic feed to its viewers, also called “For You,” Instagram has been promoting suggested content to its users more and more.

Instagram users can choose between a chronological feed and a favourites feed, but there is no way to make one of them the default timeline.

By the end of this year, the business intends to increase the amount of recommended content, Mark Zuckerberg stated last year.

While the firm is now dealing with a large data breach and fraudulent verified accounts, the switch to an algorithmic timeline isn’t the only change Musk’s Twitter aims to implement.

According to Musk, the business will develop tools that will allow users to alter the font size and add styles like italic, bold, and underline. These functions, in Musk’s opinion, are intended to entice users to “publish long-form content natively” on the platform.

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