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The now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX owes creditors $3.1 billion

According to Reuters, the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which applied for bankruptcy court protection in the US, owes its top 50 creditors close to $3.1 billion.

The bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange had earlier on November 19 stated in a court filing that it owes its top ten creditors approximately $1.45 billion, although it did not name them.

On November 11th, FTX and its affiliates declared bankruptcy in the US state of Delaware. One of the most well-known cryptocurrency crashes, it caused losses totaling billions of dollars for an estimated 1 million clients and other investors.

FTX announced on Saturday that it has started a strategic evaluation of its global assets and was getting ready to sell or reorganise some businesses.

Platforms like Binance and are finding it difficult to convince investors about their stability in the wake of the FTX case gone wrong.

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