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The Kashmir Files’ row: Agnihotri says film entirely based on facts, controversy unnecessary

Vivek Agnihotri on Sunday said that the row over ‘The Kashmir Files’ was unnecessary and that the movie was based “entirely on facts”. He alleged that certain people were running businesses by “using Kashmir” and the entire issue was created by them, so that their prospects are not dented.
“Some groups have been using Kashmir as a business. Our movie has tried to put an end to this. So, those who benefited from this are trying to create a controversy. But there cannot be any controversy over terrorism,” Agnihotri told the media here.

“We have tried to show that when militancy enters a community and is given ideological support from a part of the society, it leads to disaster,” Agnihotri said, adding that his movie was based “entirely on facts”.
“The movie has opened the eyes of the people who failed to admit the crime against Kashmiri Pandits. Now, people of the country and abroad are realising it,” Agnihotri said, adding that the movie has broken the blueprint of filmmaking.

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