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Tata Power’s Mundra Plant to bring relief to worst-hit States

The Gujarat government has agreed to buy 1800-Mw power from ’s Tata Power’s ultra mega power plant at Rs 4.50 per unit, higher than tariff agreed in its executed contract, for four weeks, source said.

The move is expected to reduce spot electricity prices to some extent as Gujarat is one of the top buyers on power exchanges off-taking about 4,000-Mw daily at about Rs 13 per unit. Desperate bids by power discoms in the wake of low domestic coal availability at power plants has pushed peak prices on to Rs 20 per unit.

As per the report published by The Economic Times on October 12, Punjab has agreed to take 500 MW electricity at Rs.5.5 per unit from Tata Power’s Mundra plant for one week. A Tata Power executive told ET in response to a query that it started one of its five 800 MW units at Mundra on Wednesday evening to supply power to Gujarat and Punjab.

“We have conveyed to the company that the power should be made available from October 12 to October 19. This is only an intermediary arrangement looking into the power shortage in Punjab. After that the coal supplies are expected to pick up, and weather conditions will also become favourable,” a Punjab government official had said. (Source- ET)

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