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Taiwan’s Gogoro to test 6-second battery swapping stations in India

Gogoro, a leader in battery-swapping technology and an electric scooter manufacturer located in Taiwan, has now entered the Indian market. In collaboration with India-based Zypp Electric, a business that operates an EV-as-a-service platform for last-mile delivery, the company has announced plans to launch a pilot project.

In December 2022, Gogoro and Zypp Electric will launch this pilot project in Delhi. Zypp Electric will deploy Gogoro electric scooters as part of the initiative to carry out its B2B last-mile delivery activities. A 1.6kWh Gogoro Smart Battery that can be changed at a Gogoro Network GoStation will power the electric scooter. Basically, all a rider needs to do is pull up to a Gogoro battery switch station and exchange a nearly discharged battery for a fully charged one. Gogoro claims that the entire process takes six seconds. 100 electric vehicles and six battery switching stations are the initial targets.

The ultimate goal of this pilot project is for the business to collect data and plot a course for future operations expansion.

For those who are unfamiliar, Gogoro is a Taiwanese startup that touts a vast battery-swapping network within its own borders. Around 1.1 million Gogoro batteries are in use in Taiwan, where they now boast 2,400 locations and 150 million exchanges annually. Around 10,000 battery switch stations are scattered around the nation to enable this. With the ability to currently manage 26% of Taiwan’s commercial activities, Gorogo was able to develop not only a tough scooter but also a carefully planned battery-swapping network.

Speaking of the scooter, it has a rather straightforward design. The headlight and turn indicators are neatly integrated into the front apron. While the modestly sloped seat appears roomy, the side panel is mostly flat. Due to the scooter’s use in business deliveries, there is a sizable rack for carrying cargo mounted to the back. A wireless phone charging bracket is also seen, which will aid the rider in finding their delivery location.

A telescopic fork at the front and shock absorbers in the back support the scooter’s chassis. On a suspension that seems to have a respectably lengthy trip, take note of the fork gaiters. In fact, the business is certain that the scooter is tough enough to handle the difficulties of last-mile deliveries.

However, India’s bad roads and arid climate are difficult on vehicles, so it will be interesting to watch how the scooters fare.

The battery-swapping stations themselves have been designed with great care by Gogoro. According to the location and requirement, the size of the cabinets for storing and charging the battery packs can be increased. For up to 64 hours, the exchanging station can run on its own power. This guarantees that operations continue uninterrupted even in the event of a power outage.

Gogoro has also said that localization will be its main priority. Currently, it has a manufacturing partnership with Foxconn in India, where considerable investments have been made.

The business noted that efforts are being made to localise as much as possible. Overall, this news represents Gogoo’s eagerly anticipated entry into the rapidly expanding Indian market for electric two-wheelers.

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