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Streamlining operations helps Hindustan Unilever cut costs

Conglomerate giant Hindustan Unilever has saved almost 8% of its yearly turnover i.e generally $1 billion, throughout the past two years in the wake of instilling specific standards and guidelines like tightening supply chain operations, tweaking fabricating lines, and losing its reliance on imported unrefined components.

One of the drives taken by Unilever is that of setting up nano-industrial facilities inside its colossal manufacturing units to accelerate innovation with quicker item rollouts. A similar strategy is currently being taken to different nations by parent Unilever.

Willem Uijen, executive director, supply chain commented,” We are now rolling that out in other Unilever markets because it has been so successful in bringing innovation lead times and cost down, whilst giving us the agility to react to what is happening in the market.”

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