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Stella Moto plans to launch electric scooter next month

Stella Moto, backed by Jaidka Group, made its entry into the domestic electric two-wheeler industry on Monday, stating that its first electric scooter, ‘Buzz,’ will be available next month.

The business is already active in the passenger and cargo (L3 category) markets for electric three-wheelers. Two manufacturing facilities belonging to the Bengaluru-based Jaidka Group, which is active in the transportation, automotive, and logistics industries, are located in Howrah, West Bengal, and Hosur, Tamil Nadu, and have a combined annual production capacity of 20,000 vehicles. Stella added that more information about its plans to introduce high-speed e-scooters and bikes will be made public in the upcoming months. The business states that these vehicles will be produced at the Hosur factory.

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