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Sony brings metaverse to smartphones with wearable motion trackers

Sony has unveiled a line of wearable motion trackers that enable smartphone users to access the metaverse. Six pucks that are worn around the user’s wrist, ankles, hands, and hips make up the Mocopi system. The numerous metaverse apps on Android and iPhone cellphones will use these sensors to animate avatars. According to Sony, these motion trackers would go on sale for 49,500 Yen in Japan in January of the following year (or approx Rs 29,222). Users of the Mocopi system can capture full-body motion capture without the need for pricey equipment. The primary target markets for the Mocopi motion trackers are YouTubers and anyone involved in content creation. Sony is effectively extending the market for the metaverse, which is still in its inception, with the Mocopi system. The inexpensive, phone-required attachment is an excellent way to experience the metaverse, a 3D version of the web where you can interact with virtual environments while still in your actual surroundings.

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