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ShareGPT lets you easily share your ChatGPT conversations

In just a few days after its release, OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot attracted over a million users, making it the hottest new sensation in tech town. The chatbot is providing responses to a variety of queries, impressing many with its knowledge and quickness while occasionally leaving many puzzled and amused by its perspective. You’ve probably seen dozens of these screenshots on your Twitter timeline. You may have even taken some screenshots of your own, tweeted some of the answers, and joined in on the fun. To make it simpler to record and disseminate the AI’s responses, two developers, Dom Eccelston and Steven Tey, created the ShareGPT Chrome plugin.

With ChatGPT, ShareGPT records the entire chat and creates a URL to share it with others. You can share the URL immediately rather than taking numerous screenshots of the AI chatbot dialogue.

Visit the ChatGPT website to start a chat with the bot after installing the Chrome extension. A Share option will appear at the bottom once you have the answer. You have the option of carrying on the conversation or generating a URL for it by selecting the Share button. The cool part is that when you tweet the URL, you will see a preview of the ChatGPT chat, preserving the visual component and removing the need for others to visit the website to read brief talks.

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