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ReadyAssist raised $5 million in pre-series A led by Howen International Fund and SPC

The roadside assistance start-up ReadyAssist, based in Bengaluru, has raised $5 million as part of a pre-Series A round that is currently being managed by Howen International Fund, SPC. According to a statement, the money is aligned with the company’s expansion strategies and aims to offer car owners across India a 24/7, worry-free driving experience through its network of trained service providers connected through technology. Although ReadyAssist has primarily collaborated with sizable B2B partners, the funds raised will now be used to expand direct customers’ access to roadside assistance through its B2C subscription model. More than 600,000 active subscribers already use ReadyAssist’s services, with 10% of them driving electric vehicles and 50% of them being automobiles.

Additionally, the money will be used to improve the service network so that it may use technology to increase speed and availability throughout the entire country of India. For the first round of EV skill-set development in mechanics, ReadyAssist has chosen the top 50 cities in India. According to Vimal Singh SV, the founder and CEO of ReadyAssist, “ReadyAssist has always been driven to ensure maximum availability of our services to every customer in the country even during the most difficult days. This funding will definitely help us add wings to our service and ensure that India witnesses an uncompromised 24/7 road-side assistance from ReadyAssist across the country in the months and years ahead. Supporting the Indian EV ecosystem and adding speed to our services will have our special focus,”.

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