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Pet care retail chain startup Just Dogs raised $7 million in an unknown series from Sixth Sense Ventures

Pet care retail chain startup Just Dogs brought $7 million up in an obscure series from Sixth Sense Ventures. The new capital will be utilized by the startup to foster a full-stack online experience for pet guardians as well as to grow its disconnected stores.

just Dogs gives canine food varieties, enhancements, adornments and other pet items through its foundation. As well as offering pet protection and distributing a free pet magazine called ‘Creature Companion,’ the startup has ventured into feline items. The pet consideration market will keep on extending; an expected 600,000 pets are taken on every year, as per the India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF). Because of a rising pet populace and expanded information about how to more readily focus on pets, pet guardians are spending more cash on such items.

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