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Open-source DevOps platform Devtron, raised $12 million in funds led by Insight Partners

Devtron, an open-source DevOps platform, raised $12 million in funding from Leo Capital, Insight Partners, and angel investors. A low-code Kubernetes software delivery platform by Devtron is based on free and open-source programmes like Argo and Clair. The money will be used by Devtron to grow its staff, promote platform usage, and penetrate new markets. The technological platform from Devtron helps the organization’s DevOps practises flourish by granting the development team autonomy and enabling resource optimization. According to Devtron, businesses may reduce the time it takes to reach Kubernetes maturity from a year to a few months. In some cases, companies with more than 50 microservices have started using Kubernetes in as little as 15 days.

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