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Ola set to challenge Google Maps with its own maps of India, first available in Ola vehicles

Google Maps has a monopoly because no other app can compete with it. However, as Ola works to build its own navigation system, Ola Maps, which will include digital maps and navigation functions comparable to Google Maps, things may change in the future.

Ola has been developing its own digital navigation and map system. The company currently uses its navigation on data provided by MapMyIndia, but it soon plans to deploy its own navigation system exclusively throughout all of its services. Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of the startup, released a screenshot of the navigation app while experimenting with Ola Maps.

“Testing our own Ola maps! Will be live in the Ola app and our vehicles in a couple of months! Will also be making a dev API for all those who want to use world-class maps for India in their apps,” he tweeted.

Notably, the Ola Electric website presently hosts the Ola Maps service. The navigation service will likely be made available shortly across other Ola products, such as Ola electric scooters and Ola Cabs, according to the company. Aggarwal also mentioned in his tweet that the business is working on creating a “dev API” (Developers Application Program Interface), which will enable customers to open and use Ola Maps with outside third-party developers.

Notably, Ola purchased GeoSpoc, a provider of geo-analytics solutions, in 2021 in order to create a new generation of navigation and location technologies. According to reports, the company provides location-based products, services, and solutions. Dhruva Rajan, the CEO of GeoSpoc, and his group of geospatial scientists and engineers joined Ola as part of the acquisition to work on location-based technologies.

For its electric vehicles, Ola may include GPS and navigational functions similar to those that Elon Musk’s Tesla offers. Tesla automobiles have enjoyed success on the global market, but its debut in the Indian market has not been met with enthusiasm. But this is giving Ola a foundation to dominate the Indian EV market.

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