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Ola seeks out-of-court settlement with leased car drivers to end legal squabble

According to the source, Ola, a ride-hailing behemoth with headquarters in Bengaluru, has made an out-of-court settlement offer to at least 1,000 of its drivers in Lucknow, adding a new wrinkle to the ongoing dispute over car ownership between thousands of its drivers around the country and the company.

Ola officials have contacted a number of drivers in Lucknow and offered them the chance to acquire a car in exchange for each driver paying more than INR 1 lakh. One of the reports claims that SoftBank-backed Ola has also promised to pay back drivers’ INR 17,000 security deposits as part of the deal. In the past, a group of Ola drivers from different cities joined forces to file legal complaints against the ride-hailing company for allegedly “cheating” them by breaching the terms of the agreement for its car lease programme.

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