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Netflix branches out into fitness content with upcoming launch of Nike Training Club classes

After announcing today that it will begin broadcasting Nike Training Club classes the next week, Netflix has formally joined the fitness content market. The streaming service will release a total of 30 hours of fitness sessions in two separate batches. All Netflix subscriptions will have access to the programmes, which provide exercises for people of all fitness levels, in a number of languages. The first round of fitness sessions will start on December 30, and the second round will come in 2023. The first batch will include the following classes: Feel-Good Fitness, HIIT & Strength with Tara, Fall in Love with Vinyasa Yoga, Kickstart Fitness with the Basics, and Two Weeks to a Stronger Core. It will also include a total of 45 episodes. Once the classes are made available, users of Netflix can access them by searching for “Nike.”

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