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Mozilla acquires Active Replica to build on its metaverse vision

Active Replica, a Vancouver-based startup creating a “web-based metaverse,” was acquired by Mozilla. Mozilla SVP Imo Udom claims that Active Replica will aid in the company’s ongoing collaboration with Hubs, a virtual reality chatting service and open-source project. He observes the Active Replica team working particularly on customised subscription tiers, enhancing the onboarding procedure, and adding new interaction features in Hubs.

Udom wrote in a blog post, “Together, we see this as a key opportunity to bring even more innovation and creativity to Hubs than we could alone.” “We will benefit from their unique experience and ability to create amazing experiences that help organizations use virtual spaces to drive impact. They will benefit from our scale, our talent, and our ability to help bring their innovations to the market faster.”

In the year 2020, Jacob Ervin and Valerian Denis established Active Replica. Ervin has worked at the AR/VR startups Metaio, Liminal AR, and Occipital. He is a software developer by trade. Denis has expertise managing projects; he has worked for VR companies such as BackLight, which specialises in location-based and immersive VR experiences for marketers.

Ervin and Denis aimed to create a platform for online gatherings and meetings based on Mozilla’s Hubs project with Active Replica. The virtual event packages that Active Replica offered for sale comprised venue design, event planning, live entertainment, and tech support. “Mozilla has long advocated for a healthier internet and has been an inspiration to us in its dedication and contributions to the open web. By joining forces with the Mozilla Hubs team, we’re able to further expand on our mission and inspire a new generation of creators, connectors, and builders,” Ervin and Denis stated in a statement. “Active Replica will continue to work with our existing customers, partners and community.”

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