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Microsoft Is Selling a $25 Hoodie for Your Xbox Controller

What might go down in history as the most useless controller accessory ever manufactured is currently available for purchase via Microsoft’s Xbox Gear Shop.

The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie (Opens in a new window) is a tiny hoodie that your Xbox controller may wear. It has a zipper and tiny arm holes. It costs $24.99 and comes in either a black or white finish. It is constructed entirely of polyester and designed to work with the Xbox Series X|S controller.

According to the hoodie’s listing, “You might want to curl up with a nice hoodie during this time of year. With a tiny controller hoodie, you can prevent your controllers from feeling left out this winter.” You’ll have to put a pre-order and wait until Feb. 18–22 for it to be delivered if you’re keen to acquire one of the hoodies because, would you believe it, the initial batch has already sold out. A variety of clothing, accessories, drinkware, home & office, and collector products are available for purchase at the Xbox Gear Shop. However, instead of spending $25 on a controller hoodie, you could use it to purchase an Xbox game or a month’s worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In this manner, your controller will stay warm in your hands as you play video games rather than being wrapped in polyester and left lying around.

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