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Management Wisdom of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna known as the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu is known for his wisdom, love, tenderness and compassion. His preaching today are practiced in every corner of our life, from corporate to personal and is very much required for self-consciousness and development.

Welcome to the world of Lord Krishna, where you get to see the real and true picture of yourself. It is the Lord himself who taught us to feel empowered and lead by example. It is so important to learn the lesson of being free and truthful. The moment you are true to yourself, you can not only do good to yourself but to the universe as a whole and that can lead you towards attaining true success in your life and being a thoughtful leader.

Relevance by example

We all know about Krishna and his supremacy, especially the texts in Bhagwad Geeta as spoken by Lord Krishna. There are so many things to learn from his preaching and some of them have been righteously mentioned as a “True Management practices”. Below are the Top three lessons we have learnt from the Lord himself that is even evaluated and measured in today’s corporate world.

Stand with your team: Lord has been very thoughtful when he shared the practice of standing strong with the team as if you need help from others, you yourself has to set an example for them

Story: When Lord Indra got angry and decided to unleash havoc in the form of Samvartaka clouds, as the people of Mathura decided to worship Govardhana hill rather than Lord Indra, it was Lord Krishna himself that lifted up the Govardhan hill to provide shelter and save from rain and thunder. This made Indra understand his mistake and he immediately surrendered before Krishna.

Make yourself easily approachable: True leader is someone who is easily approachable and is always there to give proper guidance and suggestion. He should be open to hear the story from all groups, provide help and guide but should strongly support and stand for truth.

Story: For the epic war of Mahabharata, Krishna was easily approached by both Pandavas and Kauravas, and as a great thoughtful leader he showered his helping hand for both Arjuna and Duryodhana. The later wanted to have the entire army of Lord Krishna while Arjuna wanted to have the master himself. And this way Lord provided the help to both the groups, but fought for the truth.

Have a clear approach and strong vision: For every successful results, clear vision and mission is must. This is required in defining the goals and must align with your people and organizational goals. This will ultimately help you to move towards a common purpose with equal strength and opportunity.

Story: Lord Krishna knew that if Pandavas have to regain their kingdom, they need to have a proper vision statement that can help them fight against all odds. And to regain the dignity and help equip Pandavas with self-confidence and motivation, he taught them to collectively fight for a single mission and that to win the battle. This is what set them apart from Kauravas who seem to be fighting for self-motives without building a common connection.

So with this, one thing that comes to the mind is that we need to develop the right attitude towards our job and have a clear vision towards our goal. There might be challenges or struggle in achieving the same, we must still strive for that and change the strategy, but the goal should remain the same.

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