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Learning management platform Moodle acquired Hyderabad-based edtech startup eAbyas

Hyderabad-based edtech startup eAbyas was acquired by Australia-based learning management system Moodle for an unknown amount. In a statement, Moodle stated that it planned to finish integrating teams and procedures with the eAbyas platform within the following six months. With this action, Moodle has also started the planning process for the 2023 official opening of its Indian operation. eAbyas will transition by launching a new website and reevaluating its marketing strategy. With the help of this partnership, Moodle will be able to increase its market share in the Indian edtech sector, which is anticipated to grow to $10.4 billion by 2025. As a result of this acquisition, Moodle plans to employ eAbyas’ PHP programming capabilities to offer its clients customised products.

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