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Jio invest $15 million for 25% stake in Ex-Samsung Chief Pranav Mistry’s Metaverse Startup ‘TWO’

Mukesh Ambani’s company, Reliance Jio, invested $15 million in Two Platforms (TWO), a Silicon Valley-based deep-tech startup, for a 25% stake. Two Platforms, an interactive AI startup established by Ex-Samsung chief Pranav Mistry. Two Platforms is creating conversational and vivid AI for the new metaverse platforms, describing itself as an ‘artificial reality’ organization focusing on more than text and voice AI.

Two Platforms is a couple of months old yet has aggressive designs for virtual creatures, ongoing AI voice and video interactions, and virtual reality gaming. The startup’s first items are focused on consumer applications, with entertainment and gaming following up, Eventually, Tow Platforms needs to apply its tech to big business administrations like medical care, trade, and education, too. The plan with Jio includes pans to team up on coordinating Two Platforms’ manifestations with Jio, fusing virtual reality and the metaverse into the telecom’s portfolio.

“We are impressed with the strong experience and capabilities of the founding team at TWO in the areas of AI/ML, AR, metaverse and Web 3.0,” Jio Director Akash Ambani said. “We look forward to working together with TWO to help expedite development of new products in the areas of interactive AI, immersive gaming and metaverse.”

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