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Instagram launches early test of creator subscriptions in the US

Instagram has switched on a new way for creators to make money, kicking off a test of subscriptions for the social platform in the U.S.

In a blog post on Wednesday, Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and CEO of parent company Meta, revealed the test. “This will assist artists in earning more by providing rewards to their most engaged followers such as access to unique Lives and Stories,” he said. “I’m enthusiastic to continue creating tools enabling artists to make a career performing creative work and to get these tools into the hands of more creators soon.”

Currently, the Instagram Subscriptions is being tested with a handful of U.S.-based creators, who can set a monthly price of their choice and unlock a “subscribe” button on their profile. The program will let creators select from eight different price points, starting at 99 cents/month and ranging up to $99.99/month.

The company identified a few of the U.S. Instagram creators who are part of the subscriptions test, including @alanchikinchow, @sedona._, @alizakelly, @kelseylynncook, @elliottnorris, @jordanchiles, @jackjerry, @bunnymichael, @donalleniii and @lonnieiiv.

According to the company, Instagram Subscriptions will let creators offer certain content only to subscribers, include livestreams, IG Stories and subscriber badges (which will display next to comments and messages so creators can easily identify their subscribers).

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