Motivational Monday's

Inspirational Quotes to motivate you

Inspirational quotes inspire and motivate us to make better decisions in life. They also help us to be aware of negative conditions like stress and depression revealing how futile such things are and there is a choice to be happier. These days people are working like robots without a directional goal with the sole reason to earn but without the passion involved. Humans are blessed with infinite capabilities and we are yet to realize them. So, take a lesson from these motivational quotes that help you lead a better life.

“Embrace bad news to learn where you need the most improvement”-Bill Gates

Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement, use your failures as lessons to get better every single day. Perfection is an abstract idea; you can come close to it but not achieve it. In that endeavour you’ll come face to face with your limitations and weaknesses, sometimes realizing it on your own and sometimes made to realize so, the very tough way. Embrace those weaknesses and limitations and work on them such that they are honed into your strengths. That would be the best gift you can give yourself. Failure inspires us. If we look at it properly and don’t allow it to define us, failure can be a great source of motivation.

“Life is 10 per cent what happens to me and 90 per cent of how I react to it” Charles R. Swindoll

Life is not about what happens to you. It’s just not. Your reaction to a particular event is the key. Life is beautiful and tragic. It’s not wise to leave out or ignore the dire events in life, because that way we’ll only end up shelving our fears and we’ll never know when those same fears will pop out again, or become embedded in our very souls, unwillingly becoming a part of our selves. So accept the good with the bad. Nothing is perfect. Life is filled with downfalls and upheavals and it is our right to smile or even cry while facing the consequences.

How can you ensure that life becomes 10% what happens and 90% how you react? By instilling yourself with so much gratitude, there’s just no other choice but to react positively. Because, when you’re filled with so much gratitude in life, that’s when extraordinary things begin to occur. 

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream”-Malcolm Muggeridge

You are the creator of your destiny. So if you are going with the flow then surely you are not creating or controlling your destiny, therefore, you cannot blame the flow with which you are swimming in your life. To feel the practice joy of this quote you need to focus on developing your stone habits and life discipline to swim against the traditions and to make your path in no matter which walk of life you are in right now! It offers fresh perspectives on being your higher self, so you can fearlessly harness the power of going against the flow. Whether you want to start your life over or you are just starting, prioritize your passions to find true inner peace, relentless success, and emotional fulfilment.

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success”– Shiv Khera

Your Positive Actions+ Your Positive Thinking = Your Success 🙂

Positivity is probably that state of mind and heart that generates a sensation of rhythm throughout the organs and bones and blood and creates an overall ambience of optimism within one’s self. Success is again a relative term. But generally, it completely depends on the person who is conceiving the idea. The desire to achieve something and being able to hook it can be understood as being successful in the most elementary form. So if you want to be successful what to need is loads of positive steps towards your life goals and combating the difficulties through positive thinking.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”- Oprah Winfrey

In life, there’s no point in nagging over things that you don’t have! This will do nothing and would never encourage you to do good ahead in your life. You should always remain cool and positive, and focus on the things that you have achieved in your life. If you do so, you tend to own that positive vibe within yourself and thus, end up conquering even more. While it is good to struggle for more, you must not forget and overlook the blessings that you already have in life. The moment you feel thankful and think of things that you have achieved, you tend to feel good and remain energetic throughout your lives. A positive person will eventually spread positivity around him. Thus, people around you would also seem energetic and positive. Therefore, you should always believe in being thankful for all that you have in your life. If you do so, you will end up having more.

“Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never”

Well, we can understand that sometimes, the initial effort is pretty tough. Most of the time, we become lazy towards our initial efforts, because we are living a pretty laid-back life. If you think that you will accomplish your goal later, you are living in the wrong notion. There is nothing called ‘later.’ If you surrender your future to ‘later,’ you can never reach your desired goal. 

Procrastination is the biggest slayer of minds. Do not postpone anything that holds importance for you. A task, for example, exams or fitness goals, may seem difficult at first but proper planning and efforts in that direction will help you complete it successfully. Just because a task seems arduous doesn’t mean it should be left to deal with later. Just take the first step and start with the tiniest job, to begin with. Once you have put the wheels in motion, the whole work will be accomplished even before you realize it.

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