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IG International appoints PwC for ESG programme incorporation

Major fresh fruit importer IG International, one of India’s prime fresh fruit importers, has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers Services (PwC) to support the effective joining of its environment, social and governance (ESG) programs. The organization’s endeavors to arrange a determined plan that aides in the facilitation of sustainable serviceability, inescapable environmentalism, and overarching governance, will be reinforced by this assistive cooperation. The commitment is planned by PwC and observed to reflect the applicable worldwide ESG systems as per standard industry practices.

As a piece of the commitment, PwC has diligently evaluated IG International’s functional model to bifurcate the issues that need a cure and the positives that can be adapted as solutions. A few key pointers have been utilized to feature the material requirements of the clients and the workers, where needs have been perceived and positioned as high, medium, and low. The survey additionally exemplifies a strategically refined four-venture materiality analysis. The material process embraces every one of the necessities through a panoptic focal point and tapers them to a manageable list of 14 critically salient and highlighted material issues that should be tended to.

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