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I&B Ministry Twitter account hacked, renamed to ‘Elon Musk’ on Twitter

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Official Twitter handle was hacked by unknown parties on Wednesday, January 12. The hacker renamed the twitter account as ‘Elon Musk’ and changed the profile picture.

Hacker tweeted ‘’great job’’ after changing the account’s name and even posted some malicious links from it.

However, the ministry regained control of the account in some time and restored the profile picture. Ministry deleted the tweet posted by the hackers. The ministry tweeted, “The account @Mib_india has been restored and updated all the followers around the same.

According to a news portal, on January 3, the Twitter handles of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), and Mann Deshi Mahila Bank (a microfinance bank) were also compromised. The reports claim that they had renamed as ‘Elon Musk’. The twitter handle was restored in no time.

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