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Hike posts a 107X increase in operating revenue in FY 2022, and its loss narrows to 7%

Hike’s Indian division reported an increase in operational revenue of 107X to INR 19.22 Cr in FY22 from INR 17.73 Lakh in FY21.

The company ultimately shifted its identity from a messaging app to games in July 2020 after years of struggle, which was what caused the sharp rise in income. The overall income also increased by 1.6X, from INR 8.31 Cr in FY21 to INR 21.76 Cr in FY22. It should be noted that the business claimed total revenue of INR 13,000 for FY20. The company’s overall expenses in FY22 rose to INR 140.45 Cr, a 3% increase from the prior year. From INR 127.9 Cr in FY21 to INR 118.69 Cr in FY22, the loss after tax was reduced by 7.2%.

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