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High demand for Covid boosters helps Walgreens boost earnings beyond expectations

The sale of Omicron boosters and tests increased a lot, due to which the eCommerce sales of Walgreens Boots Alliance in the US have increased 38% in the fiscal second quarter. While the UK-based stores gained over 22% earrings, the same-store sale in the US has seen a 14.7% increase. This is because almost 3.9 million pick-up orders are delivered this quarter.

The company CEO, Roz Brewer said, “this boost in sales is from every category, especially wellness and health products, including over-the-counter drugs for flu, cold, and cough, and test kits.”

He also said that Walgreens had acquired most of the stakes from a primary care company, VillageMD, and they are planning to open more than 100 doctor offices within Walgreens’s premises.
They have also decided to turn a particular part of some stores into a health corner. Here, a nurse or pharmacist will be available to help people in medical consultation.

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