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Gramophone plans to double headcount to 1000 in 6-8 months

Agri-tech company Gramophone on Monday said it is planning to nearly double its headcount in the next 6-8 months on the back of growing demand. Gramophone co-founder and CEO Tauseef Khan said, Building a successful full-stack agritech business requires a massive deployment of technology as well as a layer of data science that provides granular insights on how we can be more frugal and effective across these stacks.
He added that given the massive momentum, the company is witnessing on the business front as well as its expansion plans. We are looking to hire top of the line talent across our technology, product, and marketing teams.
The company is also looking to hire key CXO and vice-president level positions and is scouting for senior industry leaders, who can be the anchors as Gramophone moves to the next orbit of growth, Khan added.

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