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Government expects to receive parliamentary approval on data protection Bill by the monsoon session

Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Minister for Information Technology, expressed that the government of India is endeavoring to get Parliament’s endorsement on the Data Protection Bill before the end of the Monsoon Session. “I think we should be able to resolve them very soon and bring it…,” the minister said. Our goal was to make this Budget session a success. But we should be able to do that by the monsoon session.”

While talking about the interviews and the JPC report on the Bill, Vaishnaw expressed, “The consultations that occurred were very comprehensive, and the report that has come out is again a very comprehensive report.” It is undeniably a complex subject…with issues that must be resolved.”

Strangely, IAMAI pummeled a similar report a couple of days prior, calling it ‘out of sync’ with the real world, raising a large number of worries with the public authority, including hard data localisation standards, trade secret concerns, treating intermediaries as publishers, and age limitations on specific items. Basically, the Bill looks to safeguard people’s very own information and to lay out an information security authority. The Bill proposes to restrict the utilization of individual information without the users’ explicit consent. On December 16, 2021, the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) tabled a complete report on the Bill.

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