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Google Search to help people get to original source of trending story

Google has declared to add a new “highly cited” label to search results to assist clients with tracking down the original source of a trending story.

The organization said it is acquainting a way to assist individuals to recognize stories that have been often referred to by other news associations.

“This label will appear on Top Stories. You will be able to find it on anything from an investigative article, to an interview, an announcement, a press release or a local news story, as long as other publishers indicate its relevance by linking to it,” said Nidhi Hebbar, Product Manager at Google.

The organization said it is especially intrigued by the possibility to elevate original reporting, making it much more straightforward for individuals to find and draw in with the publishers and columnists whose work carries one of a kind worth to a story.

The highly cited label is launching soon on portable devices in English for the US and will carry out all around the world in the coming weeks, the organization said in a blog entry late on Thursday.

Alongside the ‘highly cited’ label, Google is extending its endeavors to assist with looking through clients and basically assess the outcomes they’re being shown.

“Starting today, on searches in English in the US, notices will also include tips to help you evaluate information online – reminding you that you can check whether a source is trusted on a topic, or come back later when there’s more information available,” informed Hebbar.

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