Global brands face heat over ‘Kashmir Day’ posts

Global brands in the nation face heat over ‘Kashmir Day’ posts as the Indian customer took steps to blacklist their vehicles and smoked chicken.

Brands like Kia Motors, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Isuzu and a modest bunch of others had a bustling Tuesday conveying explanations and expressions of remorse for the Kashmir Day solidarity creatives that went live from the social handles of the brands’ franchisee partners and showrooms across the boundary.

While furious netizens took steps to blacklist every one of the brands that as per them joined the “free Kashmir publicity”, Hyundai appeared to endure the most exceedingly awful shot. To such an extent that the Indian representative in Seoul reached the Hyundai Headquarters and looked for a clarification.

In light of media inquiries on the issue, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) official representative Arindam Bagchi put out a statement saying that India invites ventures by foreign organizations in different areas. However, it is likewise expected that such organizations or their partners will cease bogus and misdirecting remarks on issues of sovereignty and regional respectability.

Here is a portion of the statement.

“We had seen a social media post on the so-called Kashmir Solidarity Day made by Hyundai Pakistan. Immediately after this social media post on Sunday, 6th February 2022, our Ambassador in Seoul contacted the Hyundai Headquarters and sought an explanation. The offending post had been removed subsequently. The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea was summoned by the Ministry of External Affairs yesterday 7th February 2022. The strong displeasure of the Government on the unacceptable social media post by Hyundai Pakistan was conveyed to him. It was highlighted that this matter concerned India’s territorial integrity on which there could be no compromise. We expected the Company to take appropriate action to properly address these issues. Foreign Minister of Republic of Korea H.E. Mr. Chung Eui-yong called the External Affairs Minister this morning. While they discussed several issues, the RoK Foreign Minister also conveyed that they regretted the offence caused to the people and Government of India by the social media post.”

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