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FTX’s new CEO says there’s possibility for exchange to restart

As FTX news dwindled in recent weeks, the cryptocurrency exchange’s new CEO disclosed that he is considering the idea of restarting the business.

The new CEO of FTX, John Ray III, stated in an interview that “everything is on the table” in regards to resurrecting the company’s global exchange. Additionally, he declared the creation of a task force to look into the issue. The WSJ also said that Ray is looking into whether restarting the main international exchange would be more advantageous for the company’s clients and creditors as he and others attempt to recover lost funds. FTX debtors allegedly found $1.7 billion in cash, $3.5 billion in bitcoin, and $3 million in securities, according to a business statement from earlier this week.

It would require a “herculean” effort, according to Ray, to sum up all of these liquid assets, which equal around $5.5 billion in total, in order to assess the firm’s financial status.

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