Fresh coal crisis looms in India as top miner adds new curbs

A coal supply emergency is brewing in India for a subsequent year.

Coal India Ltd. is confining conveyances to industrial consumers to focus on power plants, with fuel stockpiles as of now underneath target levels and the nation heading into a conventional summer demand peak.

The state-owned excavator restricted everyday supplies to non-power sector clients to 275,000 tons. That is around 17% below than recent average everyday volumes.

Limited accessibility of rail line carriages implies the maker has likewise requested that the production hubs use trucks, instead of trains, to move most of the fuel to industrial clients, which is probably going to slow down deliveries.

Some aluminum makers commonly among the country’s biggest electricity users have paid a 450% premium for homegrown coal in March, as indicated by the Aluminum Association of India. Smelters are restless about supplies after suffering curbs on deliveries during last year’s energy crunch, and with raised costs of seaborne coal making imports excessively costly.

Stockpiles at power plants fell on Sunday to around 25.2 million tons, well short of a 45 million ton target set by India’s coal service.

“Asking buyers to carry coal for hundreds of kilometers by road is as good as not giving them any supplies,” said Rajiv Agrawal, secretary general at the Indian Captive Power Producers Association, which represents industrial consumers with their own power plants. “Carrying coal in trucks is an extremely inefficient, costly and polluting option.”

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