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Former ZebPay CEO Avinash Shekhar launched the startup TaxNodes to simplify crypto currency taxation

The former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange ZebPay, Avinash Shekhar, on Thursday, January 12, announced the debut of his Web3 firm, “TaxNodes,” with the goal of revolutionising how exchanges and retail investors handle crypto profitability, taxation, and reporting. The goal of TaxNodes is to simplify tax calculation and individual tax compliance. Additionally, it wants to help bitcoin exchanges improve their internal controls and automate accounting and reconciliation. Retail investors would be able to streamline crypto taxation, according to the business, by consolidating all of their cryptocurrency transactions from various exchanges, P2P, private wallets, and different blockchains onto a single platform. To guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the data, TaxNodes will count real-time profit or loss computation, portfolio tracking, dashboards, and analysis.

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