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Flipkart & its seller accused of selling products over MRP, asked to pay compensation INR 50K

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission of Telegana has charged Flipkart and its seller for overcharging for goods on its platform. According to the commission, the vendor and Flipkart are jointly responsible for unfair business practises. Additionally, it demanded that both parties give the customer financial compensation.

When a customer complained that Flipkart and its seller had overcharged for two Refined Sunflower Oil pouches by INR 140, the online retailer and its seller were initially criticised (INR 70 each for Refined Sunflower Oil pouches). The seller and the eCommerce platform, according to the complainant, erased the original MRP.

According to the committee, which was presided over by Mamidi Christopher, president, and members Sandhya Rani and K. Venkateshwarlu, Flipkart and the seller would be held responsible for any flaw, poor quality, and dishonest business practises in the services or goods provided on their platform.

The commission ordered Flipkart and its seller to pay the extra INR 140 they charged for the price of two packets of refined sunflower oil. In addition, they are required to pay the complainant compensation in the sum of INR 50K and additional charges up to INR 3K.

The commission has granted 30 days to pay off the compensation and put the changes into implementation.

The commission stated that, in light of the recent occurrence, Flipkart has failed to uphold its obligations as a marketplace seller under the Consumer Protection E-Commerce Rules, 2020.

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