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Elon Musk abruptly shut down Twitter offices

After hundreds of workers refused to cooperate with Elon Musk’s new plan for the social media network, Twitter’s offices were forced to close suddenly on Thursday.

Two people with knowledge of the business’s activity claim that company representatives told staff that all buildings would be temporarily closed, starting immediately, and that their ability to rent with ID access would be temporarily suspended. On Monday, the offices are expected to reopen. The extreme action of sealing the offices is being taken, according to a Slack message viewed by Insider, to “avoid physical sabotage while they sort out access revocations.” About an hour after Musk’s deadline of 5 p.m. ET for Twitter staff to formally agree to his new, “extremely hardcore,” plans for the firm, the announcement was made. Less than half of the company’s 4,000 surviving workers agreed to work for “Twitter 2.0,” essentially quitting under the conditions Musk presented in an ultimatum on Tuesday.

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