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Edtech startup Bodhi AI raised $200K from Hyderabad-based The Marwari Angels (MAAN) annd others

The Marwari Angels (MAAN), Founders Angel Network (FAN), JIIF Shark Angels (JSA), UIncept, Ivy Growth, and POD have all invested $200K in Hyderabad-based ed-tech firm Bodhi AI. Harsh Pokharna and Bhola Meena, two angel investors, also participated in this round.

The money would be used to help teachers grow their student bases and boost their online revenue.

Bodhi AI, which connects instructors and students digitally and offers features like in-person question-clearing and technological solutions for teachers and educational institutions, was founded by Prashant Pandey and Piyush Agarwal.

Professors can also give courses through it, and the company claims to have one million users.

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