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Data Resilience and addressing the enterprise needs

Today Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector has seen an enormous changes and the trends has put the consumer behavior in a different set of experiences. Economic Times BFSI Tech Leaders Summit was a step towards the big framework that the businesses today are involved in and was the need of the hour, considering how the industry is moving today. This was the platform wherein all the business and Tech leaders gathered to share their thoughts around the BFSI sector and the path ahead.

Vimal Venkatram, Country Manager India – Snowflake, was also part of this big movement and he highlighted how developing a resilient data and analytics strategy has become critical for an AI ready and data driven enterprise. As per him, it is the customer centric that needs the attention. Even the financial services leaders are now open to create a model that emphasizes on customer-centric activity. Putting the customer across all the transactions is something worth experimenting and that is exactly what exactly the 75% of the leaders are investing today. The main goal here is to create a hyper-personalized experiences based on how customer interact.

This new opportunity is sure to provide a path for banks and financial institution by enabling them to create businesses and operating models to boost revenue generation, cost reduction, create customer insights and timely delivery of marketable goods and services. This is where technology leaders like Snowflake find itself quite comfortably placed as they make their way creating uniqueness around data sharing. It can clearly be stated, that a well thought out plan from technology prospect can help BFSI player remove the unnecessary burden as they move towards the data management and excellence.

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