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D2C rollup ecommerce startup GOAT Brand Labs acquired Imara

A women-focused ethnic fashion brand called Imara has been acquired by D2C rollup ecommerce startup GOAT Brand Labs. Following the acquisition, GOAT plans to promote Imara internationally.

The Imara clothing collection by Universal Sportsbiz. It offers high-end ethnic clothing for women over 40. Additionally, it is in charge of brands including Wrogn, Imara, and Ms Taken. GOAT assists D2C founders in growing their companies. Nearly two weeks have passed since GOAT paid an unknown price for the sportswear company Chumbak. Imara was surprisingly one of four D2C businesses in discussions with GOAT at the time. Imara asserts to be accessible through more than 70 physical stores, including Shopper Stop, as well as online markets like Myntra.

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