‘CHAAYOS’ vs. ‘CHAIOPS’: Ghaziabad startup will change its trademark after Chaayos moves to the Delhi High Court

A Ghaziabad-based tea company agreed to modify its name and mark after the top chai café chain “CHAAYOS” filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the former in the Delhi High Court.

Sunshine Teahouse Private Limited, the business that owns the “CHAAYOS” trademark and operates tea cafes under that name, was being heard by a single-judge bench under the direction of Justice Prathiba Singh in a lawsuit that sought to “permanently stop” MTRM Global Pvt Ltd from selling tea items through a cafe with the name and logo “CHAIOPS.” Sunshine Teahouse Private Limited, the plaintiff, asserted ownership of and use of the trademark “CHAAYOS” since 2012. By selling customised tea in more than 12,000 distinct ways at more than 200 locations, the plaintiff, who registered the mark in 2017, claims to be the leading chain of chai cafés operating in multiple states.

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