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CCI finds Google’s play store payments policy ‘unfair, discriminatory’

The dominance of Google has raised many concerns in the ecosystem lately. Amid the ongoing investigation on charges against the tech giant’s payment billing system, the additional generale of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has reportedly found the policy unfair and discriminatory.

In 2020, the search giant announced that the company would make it mandatory for any app offering digital goods and services to use the Play Store’s billing system. It also added that the company would charge the app developer a 30% cut on all such in-app purchases.

 Section 4 of the Indian Competition Act states that no enterprise shall abuse its dominant position or impose unfair practices for sale of goods and services or indulge in practices which limit market access for others. “  CCI’s level of clarity on the matter was extremely high, it had taken inputs from all developers and the larger ecosystem and is quite convinced that the (Play Store Billing) policy (will) definitely harm developers if implemented”, reportedly.

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