BYJU’S received an ‘unqualified’ financial report for FY21

After a delay of more than 17 months and growing concern over the company’s general financial health, edtech giant BYJU’S has finally received a “unqualified” financial report for the year ending March 31, 2021.

According to sources who confirmed yesterday’s (August 29) media reports, the edtech behemoth will conduct a board meeting soon before making public the audited financial figures for fiscal year 2020. Reports state that BYJU’S will probably reveal the outcomes on September 6. For those who are unaware, a “unqualified” financial report is one that lacks any business remark. As a result, it only includes an objective analysis of the company’s financials. The most likely tactic employed by BYJU’s to refute rumours of poor financial performance in FY21 is an “unqualified” report.

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