Bigbasket the 4th most used password in India

The survey also discovered that a large number of users enjoy using passwords to communicate their love or hate, with “password” alone being used 4.9 million times by users globally and 3.4 million times in India in 2022. “123456,” which was used 166,757 times, was the second most used password in India, and “Bigbasket,” which was the fourth most used password, was used 75,081 times. “iloveyou” and its translations into other languages, for instance, are extensively used in numerous countries, including India, where it was rated at number 81. “Qwerty,” “anmol123,” and “googledummy” are some more popular passwords in India. According to NordPass, most users choose comfortable passwords that are easy to use and remember, which explains why simple keyboard combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols are frequently used. Many users prefer “Indya123” and “India@123” as their passwords in addition to using country names. 73% of the 200 most popular passwords will remain the same as they were in 2021, according to NordPass’ analysis. In addition, they found that 83% of the passwords on the list are easily cracked. The fourth-most used password in India, Bigbasket, demonstrates the shift in customer behaviour toward online food purchasing as a result of COVID-19.

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