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Artha school of entrepreneurship will help firms to scale up

The Artha School of Entrepreneurship has been established by some of India’s leading startup founders and executives to solve the challenges that Indian startups encounter when scaling up and improving their chances of success.

In order to impact the lives of entrepreneurs from traditional VC-funded startups to MSMEs and social ventures, T.N.Hari, a former top executive of BigBasket, Suruchi Maitra, a former vice president of human resources at UnitedLex, Pramath Sinha, founder and chairman of Harappa Education, Pavan Vaish, former CEO of IBM Daksh and others cofounded Artha School of Entrepreneurship.

Hari, a co-founder of Artha, claims that scaling up is currently urgently needed because only 1,800 Indian entrepreneurs have made it to the Series A round, and fewer than 100 of those have turned into unicorns.

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