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Apple’s new patent reveals crack-resistant foldable display technology

A new foldable display that is intended to be crack-resistant has been unveiled via Apple’s most recent patent. The new patent, which has the patent number US-20230011092-A1, was reportedly granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office, according to Gizmochina.

The fragility of foldable devices is one of their main issues, therefore this could be helpful. The new technology’s display has several layers, including a flexible substrate, a thin-film transistor layer, and a protective layer. The protective layer seeks to prevent cracks from emerging on the flexible substrate, which is the portion of the display that is most prone to harm. The maker of the iPhone has also been granted a patent for a self-healing display. Small display scratches are another issue that frequently plagues foldable electronics, but this technology should be able to solve that problem.

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